~Hearing From God~

I heard a story of a minister who was lying on the floor crying out to God; “Speak to me Lord, speak to me, I am asking you to speak to me Lord, I want to hear your voice”. After praying this repeatedly for a while, he finally ran out of gas and got quiet, and the Lord did speak to him and said, “You don’t know what I have already said to you, I have said many things to you in my Word. Find out what I have already said, and if I want to say anything else, I will”.

Those that hear from God the most, are the ones that stay in His Word the most. Without the Word in your heart, you probably won’t be able to discern when God speaks to you by His Spirit. Knowing the voice of His Word will help you to recognize the voice of his Spirit. If you know what the real thing sounds like, you won’t be fooled by a counterfeit.

It is interesting the way that banks train people to recognize counterfeits. They have them handle the real money so much that when  a fake bill comes along it is easily recognized. You need daily intake of, and exposure to, Gods Word. This will help you stay on the path that He has for you and not be led off track by a wrong voice. It’s kind of hard to love God when you are all the time listening to someone else.

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