~ Communicating The Prophetic To Others ~

Communication is one of the most important skills we can learn. It is a vital skill of the prophet, and as all craftsmen will be devoted to developing their skills with the tools of their trade, we must be devoted to not only understanding what we are called to communicate, but HOW. Without this, we will be like the unskilled archer who wounds people because he can’t hit what he’s aiming for.

If we love the Word Himself, we should love words, (communication). What are words, really? They are the expression of ideas. Jesus is the expression of God, thats why He is called “The Word.” When we speak on behalf of God we need to be sure we are doing our best to communicate HIS ideas and not our own. We must handle what He gives us with the utmost care and respect. We may still be misunderstood at times, but lets do all that we can to prevent this from happening.

We must learn to judge ourselves, especially when there are no other prophets around to judge our words. We must be committed to judging OUR words by THE WORD,

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