~ Heart Health ~

To ignore the condition of your inner man is the same as planning to fail. Neglect is enough to bring ruin. Why can’t some Christians understand this? When hard choices arise, having a strong inner man makes the decisions easier and the direction clear. The strength of your inner man has a direct impact on your ability handle the difficult things that life throws at you.

Proverbs 4:23 ~  Keep your heart with all diligence,   
      For out of it spring the issues of life. 

Your first ministry is your own spiritual progress. That is where you recieve the life flow from God. The inner man, your spirit (and I will include the soul), grows very much the same way that the human body does. It needs nourishment, water, excersize, light and rest. The food, water and light comes from the word of God. The excersize comes from walking out what you learn in Gods word and worship. The rest comes from abiding in Him and taking up His burden and His yoke.

In the old testament the priests were to always keep a fire burning on the altar in the temple. Now YOU are the temple and this is a type of your new testament responsibility as kings and priests.

If you will make yourself flamable, GOD will light your fire! You have a resonsibility to stay spiritually healthy, and the flame on the alter of your heart burning bright.


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