~Who’s Yo Daddy?~

When was the last time you crawled up in God’s lap to just love on Him and be close to Him?

I have three sons of varying ages who are completely different from one another in their personalities, their likes and interests. Each one is unique and I thank God that He made them that way. I love each one equally and show no partiality to any one of them. They all know that I love them and I know that they love me. This is an understood fact and we all express that love to each other all the time. We live with an awareness of that love and we are conscious of the fact that the love we have will never change. There comes a time though, as they walk through their day-to-day life that the knowledge of that love is not enough.   They need to experience it.

 They need one on one, face-to-face interaction. They need to be touched, they need to share thoughts and emotions and spend intimate personal time with me. They need to know that THEY are special to ME and that my love is for THEM. There is a wonderful exchange that takes place in these times. I become sensitive to their needs and desires and they reaffirm my love for them. It solidifies our bond and our faith in each other and strengthens the relationship that we have.

Each of my children likes to experience this love in different ways. As they age and their interest changes, our time together begins to look different also. My 13-year-old likes to go to the gun range and I teach him about shooting techniques, safety and responsibility, preparing him for manhood and the challenges that are ahead of him.

My 10-year-old likes swimming, nature  and art. We enjoy each others company and I see the joy in his face when we are alone together. I encourage him to develop his gifts and artistic talents. My youngest, the 6-year-old, likes to crawl up in my lap and play silly little games. These games may seem insignificant to some, yet to this child it is one of the most important parts of his day and if we miss that time together he tells me about it. This time together is very important to him … It is also very important to me.

As believers we need this intimate time with our father God. It is not enough to walk through life just knowing about the Love of God, we must experience it. The most important relationship that we have is with our creator. If we invest in this relationship, it
pays dividends in all other relationships making them richer and stronger.

These times I described with my kids are all very important to me. Your personal time with God is very important to Him too. Is it important to you? As you grow as a Christian these intimate times with God will change and evolve to match your level of maturity and the life lessons that God knows are important to you at the time. No matter where you are in your walk with God, always approach Him as a little child.

Luke 18:17 Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.

One response to “~Who’s Yo Daddy?~

  1. Lap time with God is special and more than just an image of a parent with a child… we can experience it! It changes everything. I pray that those who do not know Him as a Father would get to know Him, and experience His embrace just as children do in the loving arms of their earthly father’s.


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