~ Prophecy ~

Prophecy given by Kenneth E. Hagin Oct 19, 1980 @ RHEMA Bible Church, Tulsa, OK.

“Do not be discouraged because the truth does not dawn in your spirits all at once. But keep meditating on the facts of the Word. The more you meditate on that which is written, and the more you meditate on that which is said, as one speaks under the anointing and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, then little by little it will become real to you, in your spirit, in your inner man. It takes shape and form. It will reshape your own spirit until you are no longer a weakling spiritually, but you shall become strong and be able to stand and do the works the Lord has called you unto, and rule and reign and dominate in life as a king by Christ Jesus. So do not turn away even because you do not understand or see, but let your mind be open and your spirit be receptive and say thou. “O blessed Holy Spirit, unveil the truth unto my spirit that I may stand in the fullness of the provision of my Father. For He is my Father. I love Him and He loves me.”

And so that you will become that which He has ordained that you should become, and rise up to the level of the full privileges, and rights, and authority and dominion of a son of God.

Rejoice and be glad and speak forth the Word of faith. Speak to those circumstances that have you bound and command them to leave, and so shall you be loosed. Speak unto the storm that appears on the horizon of your life and say. “Peace, be still,” and there will be calm. Learn what is yours and act upon it and it shall become yours in reality.

Thank you Lord Jesus!

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