~Prophecy~ came in rhyme

The seventh day approaches and I’m standing at the gate,

When you hear the trumpet sound, think not that I’ll be late.

I’m coming to get my church, my precious beautiful bride,

I’m catching her up to heaven to be forever by my side.

Search my word for what is written concerning the final day,

It’s there to give you hope and courage to keep you from going astray.

You’ll see in these last days the enemy’s greater wrath,

But I’ve given you the Comforter to keep you on your path.

I’m pouring out a Spirit of prayer to permeate my church,

You’ll see your future in the spirit leaving Satan in the lurch.

Increase the time you spend with me, seek to know my plan,

Spend time in prayer and worship, that I might take your hand.

There are things that I must show you, things you need to know,

Things about your future to give you an anchored hope.

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