Understanding Spiritual Warfare

          Hearing the term spiritual warfare, we tend to think only about prayer. While prayer is certainly important, it is only one of many essential aspects of our supernatural battle.  

Spiritual warfare is not a conflict between men but warfare against a spirit realm that influences the thoughts and values of humanity. There are unseen spiritual beings and spiritual forces at work on the Earth to persuade men to think and believe anything other than the truth.

The warfare we see in the physical realm is a product of supernatural influence from the spirit realm. A significant part of our Christian experience is embracing a lifestyle of spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness. How we wage war now will have a tremendous impact on our eternal rewards and how we live out the rest of eternity.

God has given us the privilege of battling supernatural enemies to perfect our faith, and He has provided spiritual tools, disciplines, and weapons to fight this warfare. Like any advanced military organization, we should be skilled with our weapons and trained in using all the tools God has provided us.

Spiritual warfare is a partnership with God that initiates redemptive solutions to fallen humanity’s challenges. As we co-labor with God in this warfare, He leads us to a place of complete dependence upon Him to exercise His kingdom authority on Earth. It is a beautiful mystery.

As the enemy tries his hardest to break us, he runs the risk of becoming the instrument needed to perfect our faith, unwittingly becoming a catalyst for our sanctification. God, in His infinite wisdom, has chosen to use men and women of faith to destroy the works of the enemy and expand the kingdom of God.

Satan has deceived the Church for far too long. I pray that by revealing his common deceptions, exposing his strategies, and bringing awareness of how to fight spiritual battles, many will become skilled spiritual warriors equipped to destroy the enemy’s works and expand God’s kingdom for His glory.

Partner with God and join me in the fight. It is a good one.

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