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The Gospel? ~poem~


What is the gospel and what does it mean?

Have we made the good news into something obscene?

Is it news of prosperity, blessing and healing?

This candy-coated gospel seems very appealing.

We’ve abandoned the message our Lord has conceived

And embraced a gospel that has left us deceived!

Where did we miss it, was it one certain sin?

Or did we allow some leaven to creep in?

It didn’t take much to stray from what is true,

A self-serving gospel has perverted our view.

Repentance is the answer, it’s the only decision

That will help us restore God’s original vision.

The gospel is the message that Christ did conceive,

Our sin for His righteousness, if we’ll only believe!

Accept what He’s done, and believe what He said,

Let Christ live in you, and your old man be dead.

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