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Youth Rally was a HUGE success!

Youth Rally @ World Equestrian Center Ocala, FL.

Privileged to partner with Chaplain Edwin Quintana, Head Chaplain for World Equestrian Center and president and founder of Inter-American’s Chaplains Association, to help put on this event.

Over 2100 in attendance! Over 200 came forward and made decisions for Jesus tonight! What incredible fruit!!

Thank you to all the 50+ volunteers that helped us pull this event off seamlessly! You guys are so important and so appreciated! Multiple denominations, and dozens of Churches, all coming together in unity to glorify Jesus!

I am so grateful! THANK YOU MARY ROBERTS AND WEC staff! THANK YOU ROOMSLIVING! THANK YOU, Fellowship of Christian Athletes! THANK YOU CHAPLAIN Edwin Quintana. Thank you ALL! We are blessed!

Looking forward to the next big event!

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