Teaching on Identity


These teachings are foundational for you to live a successful and victorious Christian life. They will help you grow in the understanding of who you are in Christ, and will help you become what he paid for you to be.

  1. Submission and Authority
  2. The Righteousness of God pt.1
  3. The Righteousness of God pt.2
  4. The Righteousness of God pt.3
  5. The Kingdom of God pt.1
  6. The Kingdom of God pt.2
  7. The Kingdom of God pt.3
  8. The Fight For Your Identity
  9. Protecting your Identity in Christ
  10. Free from Sin
  11. Kingdom Authority
  12. The Unpardonable Sin
  13. Start Where Jesus Finished.
  14. 25 life changing quotes for Christians.
  15. The Smallest World You Will Ever Live In Is The One You are The Center Of.
  16. Your Sovereignty, Free Will, and Saying No to God.

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