These teachings are foundational for you to live a successful and victorious Christian life. They will help you grow in the understanding of who you are in Christ, and will help you become what he paid for you to be.

  1. Submission and Authority
  2. What Defines A Mature Christian?
  3. The Unpardonable Sin
  4. The Smallest World You Will Ever Live In Is The One You are The Center Of.
  5. Your Sovereignty
  6. Spiritual Gifts are Free, Maturity is Expensive.
  7. Keep your Finger in the Sand.
  8. The Pruning of the Lord.
  9. The Role of Godly Relationships
  10. 2022: The Church in the Wilderness
  11. Spiritual Warfare #7 ~ The Good Fight
  12. Spiritual Warfare#8 ~ What We Behold
  13. Spiritual Warfare #17 How we Hear
  14. Spiritual Warfare #18 Reckon Yourself Dead
  15. Spiritual Warfare #19 A Kingdom Divided
  16. Spiritual Warfare #20 The Mark of a True Disciple
  17. Spiritual Warfare #21 The Fear of the Lord 
  18. Spiritual Warfare #22 Becoming Childlike
  19. Spiritual Warfare #23 Your Wineskin
  20. Spiritual Warfare #24 The Hearing Ear
  21. Spiritual Warfare #25 My Pet Sin
  22. The Holy Spirit

Thank you for visiting I hope this has been a blessing to you.


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