The Bible Project: New Testament Books Overview

The BibleProject is one of the newest and easiest ways to learn about the Bible as one unified story pointing to Jesus. I have created this page with the hopes that it would inspire those that visit this site with greater love and hunger for the Bible.

The links below are the New Testament Overviews in order as they appear in the Bible. You can also visit The BibleProject for many more helpful videos, and while you are there, you can learn how to support this wonderful work.

Overview: New Testament

Overview: Matthew 1-13

Overview: Matthew 14-28

Overview: Mark

Overview: Luke 1-9

Overview: Luke 10-24

Overview: John 1-12

Overview: John 13-21

Overview: Acts 1-12

Overview: Acts 13-28

Overview: Romans 1-4

Overview: Romans 5-16

Overview: 1 Corinthians

Overview: 2 Corinthians

Overview: Galatians

Overview: Ephesians

Overview: Philippians

Overview: Colossians

Overview: 1 Thessalonians

Overview: 2 Thessalonian

Overview: 1 Timothy

Overview: 2 Timothy

Overview: Titus

Overview: Philemon

Overview: Hebrews

Overview: James

Overview: 1 Peter

Overview: 2 Peter

Overview: 1-3 John

Overview: Jude

Overview: Revelation